Roto-Jet Of America Company officially started business in August of 1969  with the importation of a European-produced "batch" parts washer, “The  Dirt-Fighter”.  We attended an automotive show in 1970 and were swamped with interest from shops who were still using old “soak tank” cleaning  technology and taking hours and sometimes overnight to soak and then  manually rinse parts.  The Roto-Jet changed this to minutes! The first American-made unit, an RJ-2,  was manufactured in 1973 in Camarillo  CA.  Manufacturing soon moved to Sun  Valley, CA. In 1978, the company moved to larger  quarters in Burbank CA, where it stayed until 1997 - at which time we relocated  to our currect location in Santa Clarita,  California. Our early customers were primarily engine and transmission rebuilders,  including over half the Aamco Transmission shops in the United States, plus various schools, municipalities and garages.                              When industrial parts cleaning moving away from the use of hazardous solvents, we  began making units for Fortune 500  companies like General Electric, Ford Motor  Company, General Motors, Lockheed,  Ingersoll-Rand Corporation, and many  others. The military discovered how FAST and  THOROUGH our washers were and suddenly, we were shipping units overseas for  cleaning unitized tank engines.

A LOOK BEHIND - Legacy Corporate Video


The future will find us more and more involved in custom- designed equipment to replace multiple cleaning stations.
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The First Roto-Jet Parts Washer Brochure circa 1969
The first Roto-Jet Brochure circa 1969
ATRA Transmission Cleaning Survey circa 1977
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