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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This PDF Document answers questions like: “Will my machine need a Rinse Stage?” “How long do the chemicals last?” “Are the wastes hazardous?” “What about rusting?”


Whether you choose the powder or liquid version of our “in-house” aqueous- based chemical, you can be assured of getting the finest available blend of surfactants, rust-inhibitors, and anti-foam reagents. Multi-metal safe, non-hazardous (can ship UPS), and very long-lasting, WHIRLWASH is the optimum balance between price and performance. For general information on aqueous-based chemicals, see the FAQs page.


Quotes from Letters of Recommendation customers have sent over the years. Much like newer and newer automobiles, we’ve constantly improved the product with increased versatility, greater reliability and especially - ease of maintenance, all at less cost when compared dollar to dollar from years past.
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