Gallery Used in production cleaning of parts with high amounts of heavy grease & soils.  The sludge is "dragged" off the tank bottom and funneled into waiting drums or hoppers. Recovers moisture from the vapor that would normally vent through the exhaust stack.   Very useful with portable units or where the installation prohibits an exhaust stack. "Power Exhausts" the vapor created inside the wash chamber during the cleaning cycle.  Recommended where escaping vapors would be a nuisance in the shop or where the vapor exhaust stack can't go straight up through the ceiling. Very useful when there are amounts of floating debris in the cleaning solution to prevent jet nozzle clogging, also helps extend intervals between having to do tank clean-out. For "capturing" production runs with varying heights and configurations. Dramatically increases GPM and Pressure at the spray jets.  Also used for concentrated cleaning power in specific areas like tire beads, etc. Single "pack" system provides constant 3-5 GPH oil removal Yes, we do make large units!  This unit has a 40,000 lb "fixed" turntable.
Sludge Drag-Out Conveyor
Exhaust De-Mister
Powered Exhaust
Wash Pump Outflow Filter
Adjustable SS Baskets
50 HP and 75 HP Pumps
High-Capacity Oil Coalescing & Removal System
VERY Large Units!
A parts-specific manifold for flushing-out transmission valve bodies.
Custom Spray Manifolds
... since 1969
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The 12" SS Diameter version is rated at 1.5 GPH and the 20" rated at 2.5 GPH of oil removal.  The collection-drainage tank can be heated for cold climates or heavy greases. The center pipe can be pneumatically inserted & retracted for parts removal.  The blow-off fan jets can be seen along the back wall.
20” SS Disc Skimmer w/Heat
Center Pipe & Blow-Off
Common with conveyorized systems where a "shearing" blow-off is required.  An additional "drying" effect is seen due to an increase in air temperature (from ambient) due to compression.
Regerative Blow-Off
Top-Load Models can have their lids automatically opened at the end of the cleaning cycle. The custom parts rack seen here holds 30 heads for cleaning at one time.
Pneumatically-Opened Lid
Custom Parts Racking
This specialized RJ-182AA configuration maximizes cleaning throughput by allowing the operator to load/unload parts on one door while the other door is closed and parts going through the cleaning process.
Dual-Doors/Dual Turntables
Recommended when cleaning inks or paints, toners or other contaminants that are attracted to heat. Many options:  size, portability, stainless-steel, single & dual belts, wash-rinse-dry, regen blow-off, etc.
Non-Contact Heaters
36” Wide x 12” High Load
Also available are simpler Programmable Relay Timers with Text Display.
PLC Controls
The "Cantilever" style door allows large and heavy loads to be safely supported and managed for cleaning. An application-specific design, this style allows the Operator to place a single part in the Open Bay, push Start, and once the turntable "indexes", pull out a fully-cleaned and dry part from the newly indexed Bay.
20,000 Lb. Load
“Carousel” RTO Washers
A very convenient option to assist the Operator in handling heavy parts.
Loading “Swing” Booms


Below are just some of the Options and Modifications available

to ensure our equipment meets your cleaning specifications.

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